Powerbook 15" 1.33ghz Repaired

Recently repaired powerbook 1.33ghz machine,
it had recently been upgraded with os x 10.5 and whilst it was being updated via apple updates the system crashed and basically made the system hardly run any programs/apps on its system.

I basically thought it was best to do clean install (achive & install) after a disk utilities failed
to fixed the problems that existed after the failed apple update. It turned out the hard drive
was failing hence why the update could’t finish its update and screwed the whole system in the process.

I only found out the hard drive was dying after i did the Archive and Install of 10.5 and at the end
of the install it mentioned user files and network prefs could be transfered over from previous system.
Then I restarted and i suddenly got the missing system folder icon, did a quick boot up via DVD and saw the hard drive was’t showing anymore. (the drive was almost 5 or 6 years old so it had done pretty well and was making alsorts of noises before it died)

Strangly enough smart status always said the disk was Verified in system profiler.

I replaced the 60gb hard drive with a brand new samsung 160gb drive, everything is now working
a treat with os x 10.5.


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