Intel Core 2 Duo Imac’s for SALE

Not blogged for a while, just thought I’d let anyone visiting my site if anyone is
after a 17″ white imac see specs below I know someone selling a couple for a good price.

Spec for imac:
1.83 Intel core 2 Duo, 160 HDD, 2GB ram, combo drive, and all usually extras.
(Includes keyboard & mouse)

Price £325

Drop me an email for further details


Macs 4 Sale page added to site

I’ve actually got round to adding the macs 4 sale page to my site
it’s basically to sell on various apple computers & parts I no longer need or have the space for.

Hopefully I will slowly be adding the 2nd hand apple mac computer guide, which I feel will increase the traffic on my website and give people abit more insight at the current hand 2nd hand apple computer market within the UK.

Hopefully will post again soon regarding any other site updates!

Revitalised 500mhz G3 iBook

I’ve not posted for well over a month now, plus I still have’t got around to updating my site! There will be at some stage in the next couple of weeks a 2nd hand mac guide via my site and also a section on my site of various apple mac computers and parts I currently have for sale.

I fitted a new combo CD/DVD drive plus also an new internal 80GB hard drive into an old 500mhz iBook G3 machine the other week, it must of been the first iBook I’ve worked on that has’t got any signs of a logic board problem.

I’m gonna try and keep my blog updated as and when I do repairs now.

As for OS X 10.5, I’m slowly getting into it but is taking time to get use too!

Happy New Year and all that!

Hope everyone had a good Xmas & New Year!

I never got around to posting a blog in dec, I’ve been fairly busy coming up to the xmas period.
All of sudden I’ve had surge of imac LCD machines come in with problems or upgrades, the usual problem with them seems to be with the LCD screens (lampshade type imac’s).

Also did my first strip down of an powerbook 12″ to fit a new DC-in-board, I’ll know next time if I ever fit another DC-in-board to charge a hell of alot more then I actually did. But all worked out fine in the end and powerbook burst back into life after being in a million pieces.

Had few easy upgrades of G4 towers just before xmas also, plus I’ve just started using OS X Leopard on a G5 Tower. As of yet am still not sure I like the feel of the new system, but time will see. OS X 10.5 seems bit more tricky with connecting to PC servers for some reason.

Oh one last thing I know someone selling an G5 Imac 20″ see spec below:
-1.8ghz powerpc G5,
-dual processor,-20 ” monitor
-2gb ram
-160gb memory
-Microsoft Office 2004
-Adobe Acobat 8 Professional

Also included is a apple keyboard
The machine has no dead pixels
Comes with a bundle of legal software
Apple Care Plan

Contact me if your interested in the imac and can pass on the details of person selling it.

Oh by the way the second hand mac guide will be up on my website soon.

Brand new boxed Apple Mac Pro for SALE

I know someone selling spanking new Apple Mac Pro see details below:

Brand new boxed Apple Mac Pro – £2000

3.0 Ghz Quad Xeon processor
2gig of RAM
Radeon ATI X1900 graphics card
250 gig hard drive
Super drive
Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard

What’s in the box
• Mac Pro
• Power cord
• Apple Keyboard
• Mighty Mouse
• DVI to VGA adapter
• USB keyboard extension cable
• Install/restore DVDs
• Printed and electronic documentation

Comes with full apple care warranty.
If you have any questions give shout Neil a call on 07985 22 11 75.

Busy Busy

It’s been abit hectic have been getting so many calls & mails in Oct/Nov for
various mac problems/enquiries see list of enquires below:

1. Logic board probs with iBooks
2. Logic board/screen probs with white imac’s
3. White imac’s superdrives not working
4. Powerbook with poss invertor board problem, stopping
brightness to work on screen
5. Old imac colour repairs
6. Tons of powerbook/ibook screen repair equiries
7. G4 tower upgrades
8. New Macbook setup
9. New Alu Imac setup
10. White imac with apple recall serial number

Am going to be updating my website soon, to include a 2nd hand apple mac
buying guide plus also a few other things.